The Revised Edition of Recovering with T3 is out!

The revised edition of Recovering with T3 has been published and is now available for purchase - click here to buy it or learn more.


Recovering with T3 explains how the T3 thyroid hormone may be used effectively, safely and systematically in the treatment of hypothyroidism.


Recovering with T3 was published at the end of 2011. Thousands of thyroid patients have bought the Recovering with T3 book and have used it to regain their health. The revised edition incorporates feedback from thyroid patients and the addition of a much-requested index.

The CT3M Handbook is out!

The CT3M Handbook has been published and is now available for purchase - click here to buy it or to learn more.

The CT3M Handbook explains the Circadian T3 Method for recovering adrenal health using thyroid medications like T3 and natural desiccated thyroid (NDT).

The CT3M Handbook is a companion volume to Recovering with T3.

The book has a foreword by Dr. Sarah Myhill, who has this to say about the book: "I would recommend this book to any patient with undiagnosed health problems or diagnosed hypothyroidism but who has failed to respond to standard mono-therapy with thyroxine."

Do you think that you might have a thyroid problem?

Are you already on thyroid medication but feel that it is not resolving your symptoms?

Have been taking L-thyroxine (T4) for a long time and still don't feel as you did before thyroid problems?

Have you been told that your thyroid blood tests are normal and that your thyroid hormones are no longer a problem?

You may have been told that you are going to have to accept the remaining symptoms or problems.

You may even have been told that your symptoms now are being caused by something other than thyroid hormones.

It may have even been suggested that you have depression or some other psychological problem but that it isn't being caused by your thyroid hormones, which are now normal according to your blood test results.

Have you been told you have one of the following: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia or M.E.?

If you have had a thyroid problem and regardless of the medication that your doctor has given you, some or all of the symptoms remain, then do not give up. Many of us have been through this and do eventually get well.

Symptoms like: extreme tiredness, weight gain, slow thinking, poor memory, feeling cold, poor hair condition and many other classic symptoms of low thyroid function are often still present on treatment with T4 and for some people these persist even with T4/T3 medications.

Don't give up hope. There are solutions that work. Please explore this website and it will provide many new ideas for you to consider.