Advanced Thyroid Series Podcast Discussions/Interviews

I was invited to speak on the Advanced Thyroid Series Podcast, which begins airing on the 5th August, by my friend Karen Martel.

In The Advanced Thyroid Series, you’ll learn about some underlying causes and advanced treatment protocols for Hypothyroidism.

Interviews with top thyroid experts:
- Underlying infections and hypothyroidism
- Identifying and properly treating reverse T3
- Circadian T3 method and pituitary dysfunction
- Six pillars to addressing Hashimotos disease
- How to lose weight with hypothyroidism and much MORE!

I haven't listened to all the various Podcast interviews/discussions, but the one I did with Karen Martel will be live on 26th August.

All the Podcasts are available for Free by registering for access to them via this link:

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