Amazon - Help Me Sort This

The Updated 2018 Editions of Recovering with T3 and The CT3M Handbook were released in August 2018.

However, Amazon have screwed up my book pages there.

When you search for either book you don't get shown the in-print, up to date versions.

When you click on the book it still shows the older, out of print version - with stupid pricings (because they are old, reseller copies).

However, the 'Look Inside' shows the Updated 2018 Edition - the correct one for each book.

The Updated 2018 Editions ought to appear first on any search for the books ... but they don't. I have asked them to fix this for the last 4 months but they haven't.

It is possible for a customer to purchase the older version, at the wrong (often higher) price by accident. I would obviously like this not to happen, and for everyone to get the Updated 2018 Editions.

It has been very, very frustrating.

Please consider complaining to Amazon directly. If quite a lot of you do this they may begin to realise that they have to fix this problem. It would be helpful to me and to other potential buyers.

If you would like to help, please follow these steps

1. Search for either the 'Recovering with T3' or 'The CT3M Handbook'.

2. Click on the book.

3. Click on 'Report Incorrect Product Information', which is underneath the picture of the book cover. This brings up a report and issue form. Please see the attached Screenshot that shows you where 'Report Incorrect Information' is (in small letters).

4. Select  'Other Product Product Details' from the drop down menu. This brings down a second drop down menu. Select 'Conflicting Information'.

5. In the comments box, type your own complaint text, or something based on "When searching for this book, the old, out-of-print version appears first. It is not easy to find the Updated 2018 Edition. However, when I 'Look Inside', it is the Updated 2018 Edition that I can read. Please fix this. Please make the Updated 2018 Edition appear when I search for the book."

This occurs on and 

Many thanks.

Best wishes,