Cautionary Tale of Adaptogens

This is just a very brief post about something that happened to me a while back.

After a long time being fairly lax about taking supplements I decided to be more organised and disciplined.

So, I started taking B complex, magnesium in two forms, some vitamin C, some multi-minerals and some extra zinc.

I appeared to be doing fine, but then I went rapidly down hill and I soon recognised that it was low cortisol. 

Having spoke to some friends it became clear that I probably should not have taken more than 10 mg of zinc and possibly none at all (I had been taking about 25 mg).

Zinc, I know is an adrenal adaptogen, and can lower cortisol.

What I hadn't appreciated is how RAPIDLY Zinc can lower cortisol and how severely it can do this

I immediately stopped the zinc and one week later I was back to normal strength and feeling fine.

The whole experience made me wonder how many thyroid patients are causing themselves issues through incorrect supplement use or using adrenal adaptogens that they think may be helping to improve their cortisol but are only keeping it low. 

Just a thought or two on this. 

Even people like me who have been working in this territory of thyroid and adrenal health for many years can screw up! 

Best wishes and good health,


(Updated in February 2019)