The Circadian T3 Method Supports the Adrenal Glands and Does NOT Stress Them

Does the CT3M stress the adrenal glands ? This is a question that thyroid patients sometimes ask. 

The answer is a resounding NO !!!!!

I could answer this by saying simply that it is ACTH from the pituitary gland that stimulates the adrenals and that by providing T3 to the adrenals when the adrenal glands need to work hard during the last four hours of sleep is simply supporting the adrenals. This is a technical and honest answer.  However, I've heard better answers from other people that communicate this in a more visual and descriptive way.

The first is from a thyroid patient called Bob Myers:

"I struggled with the logic of this as and was taught that resting the adrenals is the best call. However, you cant really think about the way this works as being demanding on the adrenals the same way that say caffiene or stimulants are the the adrenals. Here is an analogy on the way that I understand this protocol.

Basically while you are asleep at night there is a point that you reach when your body writes your adrenals a bill for all the resources it needs to get through the next day. Since your adrenals can't pay the bill your basically left to survive the next day without them (if your adrenals are low your body is often literally in survival mode). However, taking T3 during that time is like almost giving yourself the money so they can pay those bills and have what you need for the next day, it takes the strain off putting them further into debt. So in a way they are working but its not the same type of work that causes strain exactly. Its basically how i interpreted this. I think many people are going to have some struggle in coming from a psychology that preaches total rest to one that says put them to work."

The second is Janie Bowthorpe's description:

"Its like the adrenals being in the desert with no resources or water, taking the circadian dose is like giving those adrenals shade, water and a wide straw to drink from!"

I think both the above descriptions are great and really do illustrate that the circadian T3 method is not only powerful but it supports the adrenals rather than stressing them.

Best wishes,