Hormone Restoration for Health and Quality of Life

I have just been given the link to a very interesting website owned and developed by Henry Lindner, M.D.

The site is called 'Hormone Restoration for Health and Quality of Life' and I greatly recommend that patients explore this. There is a great deal of useful and interesting information present on the website.

The link to the site is: http://www.hormonerestoration.com/index.html

In particular, for those interested in thyroid hormones and T3 I would draw your attention to this page on Doctor Lindner's website: http://hormonerestoration.com/Thyroid.html

For those of you that know my views and have read 'Recovering with T3' you will see many parallels in the perspective and technical information that the good doctor presents.

Dr. LIndner's website is well worth looking through. He is a scientist and a researcher. His information is very valuable.

Best wishes,