How Many Doses per Day of T3 Do Thyroid Patients Use?

For those people who need to use T3 how many doses of T3 per day are best?

There is no one answer to this, as everyone needs just the right number of T3 doses of the right size to suit their needs.

Five doses of T3 per day are often not effective. This is because with five doses the T3 doses are often too low and are too close together. Lower doses frequently don't work as well and often leave the tissues deficient in T3, which can raise heart rate or leave the person feeling hypothyroid. The closeness can also mean that the tissue levels of T3 don't drop low enough before the next dose pops in.

Two doses of T3 per day usually necessitate very high doses of T3, which may cause tissue over-stimulation by T3 for some periods of time.

Many thyroid patients find that three to four doses per day of T3 are most effective, with three doses being very common.

With three (or four) doses of T3 per day it is often easy to spot the times when the T3 begins to run low and the next dose can safely be taken.

I've used three or four doses for the past 20 years, with three being the most common.

Some people can cope with two doses (or even one dose can work perfectly well for some). Those that need more than four doses generally have another issue that stops them tolerating moderate levels of thyroid hormone. Some of the common issues that prevent thyroid hormone from working correctly include: low iron, mitochondrial issues, low cortisol, sex hormone imbalances, low levels or imbalances in other nutrients.

For those people who are beginning their journey on T3 then three or four doses per day would be a reasonable starting place.

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