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This blog post is to provide useful information about my new book 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual'.

I would be very grateful if you feel you would like to help to communicate the existence of the new book.

This blog post contains:

- Information about 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual'. 

- Information on how the book fits with my other two books ('Recovering with T3' and 'The CT3M Handbook')
other books.

Some or all of this information could be shared on other groups/forums, with any friends or relatives that you think could benefit, on your own Facebook page, or in any way that you think could help raise awareness of the new book.

'The Thyroid Patient's Manual' is an incisive, to-the-point thyroid book. I thought about writing it for four years and knew exactly what the structure of the book was going to be. I knew I could provide a truly practical book, that wastes no words and is full of incredibly useful content and be totally up to date with relevant research. I have also written this book as simply and clearly as it could be written, given that it deals with some complicated issues. I am really pleased with the result.


'THE THYROID PATIENT'S MANUAL' is Paul Robinson's third book.

The book provides:


The Thyroid Patient's Manual is a practical, easy-to-read book, which provides an excellent resource for people who are trying to understand hypothyroidism.

It is aimed at patients who suspect they have low thyroid hormone levels, those who have just been diagnosed and are beginning treatment and those who are on thyroid treatment already, but are still feeling ill.

This book deals with all the main thyroid hormone treatment options, including T4 (Levothyroxine), NDT (natural desiccated thyroid), T3 (Liothyronine) and all combinations.

An easy-to-grasp series of steps is presented that includes information on thyroid and adrenal hormones, diagnosis of hypothyroidism and finding the right treatment.

All the common problems that can get in the way are discussed, along with their solutions. It is consistent with recent research studies on thyroid diagnosis and treatment.

The Thyroid Patient's Manual gives you the tools needed to gain some control of your health, and be able to work productively with your doctor, so that you can recover your health as fast as possible.

Note: This book does not replace either of the previous two books (Recovering with T3 and The CT3M Handbook), which are vital to read for those trying to use the T3 thyroid hormone safely and successfully.


1) A front cover thumnail image - in .jpg format which can  easily be saved and  uploaded as a photo to Facebook. Here is a link.

2)  An image of the front page of the website so that you can see the three books next to each other and print it out if you wish to to read at a later time. Here is a link.

3) An image of all the 3 book covers together. Here is a link.

I have also written this blog post which explains how the books all fit together  for form a valuable set:

Here is a link to all the videos on my YouTube channel also:


I hope all the above is useful and that some of you will help me to communicate the existence of this very helpful and up to date new book that deals with hypothyroidism diagnosis and all the treatments.

I would be grateful for any help you can offer to communicate the book to others.

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(Updated in February 2019)