Learn about How Everything Changes when you have a Thyroid Issue

Here is a great new blog post from Professor Tania Sona Smith. It refers to important research which I have shared in other blog posts.

It shows how the loss of thyroid gland tissue is a game-changer. It shows why conventional thyroid labs that have been developed from testing healthy people are no longer applicable when you have a thyroid issue.

It discusses the importance of the thyroid gland itself to maintaining good T3 levels and helping the rest of he body to continue to convert T4  to T3 (by not lowering TSH in the way that thyroid treatment tends to do).

It introduces a term that I have avoided using in case it confuses people - The T3-Shunt or TSH-T3 Shunt. Basically, this is all about the importance of the thyroid gland itself in both producing and converting large amounts of T3 in a way that contributes to overall T3 levels without detracting from peripheral T3 generation in our cells.  Note: there isn't a special piece of tissue within the thyroid gland that is called the 'T3-Shunt' - it is just intended to describe the way that the thyroid works in the context of the endocrine system. Clever thyroid gland! 

It is a good read and explains some of the research papers in slightly simpler terms.

Here is the link:

It is definitely worth a read through a few times.

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