New Facebook Group 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual'

There is a new Facebook group. It is called 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual'.

The idea behind the group is to provide a safe environment for members to ask Paul Robinson questions that relate to the new book 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual', as well as questions relating to his other two books, 'Recovering with T3' and 'The CT3M Handbook'.

Paul will answer simple questions, or general ones (along with his team), but will not delve down in detail on individual health issues. This is more of an 'informational support group' rather than a 'doctor's office'. We will see how this goes and review it after some months.

The group will be different from many of the other support groups. Unlike the previous group/forum work, where we asked members to create their own health threads in order to work in detail on their thyroid issues, this group will NOT work that way. It will focus on supporting members' health issues and wellness by explaining the information found in the books. 

Paul will also be doing Video Q&A Sessions within the new group. These will deal with questions that the group members have on the books - some of these questions will be submitted prior to the Q&A, and others will be taken whilst the session runs. All of these Video Q&A Sessions will be saved after recording for those members not able to watch them live.

If you’d like to join this new group, you can request to join while making sure your timeline isn’t too restricted, and answer the three simple questions.  Here is the link:

Paul Robinson’s three books, 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual', 'Recovering with T3' and 'The CT3M Handbook,’ as a set, cover the entire spectrum of diagnosis and treatment for hypothyroidism.

His new book, ’The Thyroid Patient’s Manual’ covers all the thyroid treatments, whereas the other two focus more on the use of T3 to recover from hypothyroidism and low cortisol.