New T3 Support Group on Facebook

There is a new Facebook group that is based on my method for using T3 (liothyronine sodium) safely and effectively.

It is called the T3 Support Group and it may be found via the following link:

My method for using T3 is fully described in the Recovering with T3 book and extra information is contained in the CT3M Handbook (it is always best to read the Recovering with T3 book first though).

So, for those of you that want support with using T3 correctly, safely and effectively, when T4 or NDT medication has not worked, then click on the link and ask to join the group. It is 'Closed' which means that it is private and no one other than the members of the group can see your posts there.  Make sure you read "Description" on the group, which explains how to join the group" - your timeline should be open enough to be accepted.

Please be aware that I am not a member of the group currently and cannot help if any of you have problems getting in. If you click on the link for the group then it also lists the Admins, who you can private message on Facebook if you have problems getting in.

NB. If have have any trouble getting in then the link I have listed above has the admins listed - one of these may be messaged using Facebook messaging. 

Best wishes,