Offer to Doctors to Speak to Me ...... Aka a Rant

I was speaking to a patient earlier today and this person was having their T3 withdrawn because the endocrinologist did not see any relevance of T3, as he strongly believes that T4 is all that is needed. He said to the patient that if they felt any benefit from the T3, then it was just in the patients head, as this specialist clearly had a fixed view from his training that T4 is the only medication that is needed.

I am 60 years old this year. I never thought that I would make 45 years old before I switched to T3-only (with no T4 meds).

I made the offer to talk face to face, or via any media, with doctors  or specialists a long time ago. I think in all the years I have been doing this work only about two doctors contacted me - and they were both in the USA. The continuing poor treatment of thyroid patients and the incredibly wrong view that T3 is not needed as part of treatment demands that I say a few more things on this, i.e. rant a little.

I am open, at any time, to speak directly to doctors or endocrinologists. I am well on T3-Only and I go back into immediate ill health with any T4 introduction. I have worked with thousands of other thyroid patients who also do better with some T3 or all T3.

If I had just gone along with doctor or consultant advice, althought there was at least one good one, then I would have still have been a member of a CFS/ME group regularly meeting in a hospital.  I would have been a semi-invalid. I would never have enjoyed the life that I have. I would never have written the books. I would not be able to play (bad) tennis and be learning to play golf (badly). I wouldn't be typing this now and I would probably be dead.

IF I had taken BAD MEDICAL ADVICE from supposedly expert consultants, who think that T3 is not needed and is a bad thing, and that T4 is the ONLY VIABLE TREATMENT, THEN I WOULD NOT BE HERE NOW.

I hope that some medical professionals read this. They are so very, very wrong.

Many consultants (who have to keep their heads down) actually realise what is needed and understand the recent research confirms what patient experience suggests.

Some research is hard to read but it points the way:

There are more of these but the above is a selection. I haven't kept half the studies people have sent me because I already know what I know.

My offer stands.

So, get it while you can!

Talk to someone who knows for an absolute fact that some people need T3 in order to live.

Here are some other bits and pieces to digest re: T3 treatment:

Regarding the myth that we all need some T4 (for the brain or for whatever reason the doctor or person who is pushing this argument says): 
I have zero T4 - ZERO. I have no thyroid left. My TSH is suppressed. With three books under my belt, and having helped thousands of patients, I doubt my brain is in need of T4. In fact, I feel foggy if I take T4. Clearly the brain does NOT need T4 at all. New research has been done that confirms this also.

I have a friend who I helped years ago who had a total thyroidectomy and so has no T4 production at all. She is still, after many years, on T3-only with CT3M. She has her own business and is highly intelligent and doing very well. Clearly her brain is not missing the T4 either. The need for T4 is greatly exaggerated i.e. plain WRONG.

It is far too easy to twist pieces of research that are done in isolation. How about doing some research with subjects that are actually on T3-only and have no T4. Perhaps some research shows that T4 has some action. However, it is also entirely possible that on T3-only the systems react differently and compensate and allow T3 to fulfil the same roles - you have to do the right research and in a proper scientific manner. Most of it is in isolation and then it is twisted by people who have a case that they want to make.

As for T2 and T1 - another Internet myth associated with not using T3 treatment. T2 and T1 get produced mostly from T3 in the peripheral tissues. This means that you get all you need of T2/T1 from T3 anyway.

While I am on the subject, if anyone says that you need calcitonin, then the endocrinologists themselves have concluded that there is no evidence for there being any effect from high or low calcitonin at all! So this is a non-argument for using NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) and for not using T3.

T3-only/mostly is always a last resort but when needed it is perfectly safe to use. It is trickier than the other treatments, but when needed it can give someone their life back. The biggest issue in the UK is the cost and that is a problem that the health service has brought on itself and one that is eminently fixable.

Rant over.

Best wishes,


(Updated in February 2019)