Paul Robinson doing Live Q&A Video Broadcasts on his New Facebook Group

I started a new Facebook group a while ago called The Thyroid Patient's Manual. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe environment for members to ask questions about my three books ('Recovering with T3', 'The CT3M Handbook' and 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual').

I have now started doing Live Q&A Video Broadcasts on Facebook within The Thyroid Patient's Manual group. These are likely to be monthly.

These broadcasts will take live questions typed by members of the group and I will do my best to answer them during the broadcast. I will also take some pre-submitted questions for those who may be able to be present as it is going out. Some of the broadcasts will be general question and answer type, others will be more focused on topic areas that the members of the group are interested in. The process will evolve over time.

All of these Live Q&A Video Broadcasts on Facebook will be saved afterwards, so that members of the group can watch them later, even if they cannot be there when the broadcast is happening.

The only way that someone is able to take part, or view the broadcast later on, is to be a member of the new group. So, if you are interested in watching these, or taking part and asking some questions, you can request to join while making sure your timeline isn’t too restricted, and answer the three simple questions.

If you wish to join the group and take part, or just view the broadcasts, here is the link to The Thyroid Patient's Manual group:

Note: when someone applies to the group, 3 questions come up to be answered. It is just routine but they do need to be answered. Thank you! 

Best wishes,