Paul Robinson - now offering some 1-1 CONSULTS

I am now offering some 1-1 CONSULTS

Please contact me via email at to find out more details and possibly book an appointment.

I am in the UK and prefer not to work during evenings or weekends.

I  do not do many consults each week. However, for some people it can be a very effective way of getting support to recover from hypothyroidism or low cortisol issues etc.

I have spent a huge amount of time over a long period writing the new book (The Thyroid Patient's Manual) and in editing and bringing up to date my first two books (Recovering with T3, and The CT3M Handbook). During that time I have not been able to do many consults at all. However, I have more time now and am able to offer 45 minute or 30 minute Skype (or Phone) based consults.

Please see my blog containing a brief bio on myself if you want more information on me:

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