Paul Robinson's Books on Hypothyroidism - Brief Summary

Paul Robinson now has three thyroid books that fit together as a set:

1. 'Recovering with T3' - for people who want to know how to use T3 therapy safely and effectively. The protocol in 'Recovering with T3' has been tried and tested and thousands of people across the world have got well using it. It remains the 'go-to' book for those people who need to use T3-Only or T3-Mostly treatment, after the other therapies have failed. The Updated Edition 2018 is now available.

2. 'The CT3M Handbook' - a companion book to 'Recovering with T3' for those people who need more in depth information about using the Circadian T3 Method (CT3M), first described in 'Recovering with T3'.  The Updated Edition 2018 is now available.

3. 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual' - covering most of the important aspects of hypothyroidism diagnosis and treatment. It deals with all the different thyroid treatments and how to use them, as well as other issues that are important to resolve like vitamin and mineral deficiencies, low cortisol and sex hormones. This is a general book on hypothyroidism, but it is very detailed and practical and is up to date with recent research. It is a great book to begin with for those who think they have a thyroid issue, have recently been diagnosed or are on treatment that is not working. This was released in June 2018.

The front page of my website explains how the books fit together and there are links to more information on each book:

I attach an image of the front page of the website so that you can see the three books next to each other and print it out if you wish to to read at a later time. Here is a link to it: Front Page.

Here is a link to all the videos on my YouTube channel also:

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(Updated in February 2019)