Physiological Replacement Therapy with T3 is Beneficial in Ischemic Heart Disease

Here is another research study that concludes that T3 replacement therapy is “SAFE”.

Note: this goes completely against the negative and unfounded views of many medical professionals that T3 causes heart attacks etc.

The article is titled "The impact of thyroid hormone dysfunction on ischemic heart disease" by Madalena von Hafe and colleagues, May 2019, Endocrine Connections 8 (5).

The article concludes:

"Accordingly, TH replacement therapy may yield improvements in lipid profiles, potentially reversing myocardial dysfunction and preventing the progression to heart failure. TH replacement treatment exhibits anti-ischemic and cardioprotective effects, acting as a promising target for ischemic heart disease. Moreover, subclinical hypothyroidism treatment and nonthyroidal illness syndrome constitute topics garnering increased interest; recent studies suggest that therapy with physiological doses of T3 are safe and provide beneficial effects on ischemic heart disease."

Full scholarly article can be found here:

There have been several research studies now that back this one up. Evidence is mounting but it needs more to convince those sceptics who are controlling thyroid treatment guidelines.

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