Research Paper Showing Successful Pregnancy for a Woman on T3-Only Throughout

This is a paper that supports everything I have ever written about on the safe experience women have had throughout pregnancy when on T3-Only replacement therapy.

It is consistent with the information I provide in Chapter 18 (the T3 Treatment chapter) on page 147 of 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual'


This paper proves that T3 can indeed cross the placenta and provides the foetus with adequate thyroid hormone until after 20 weeks it is self-sustaining.

It supports what I have been saying for many years about the misinformation and twisting of small pieces of research that often leads to people being frightened of T3-Only therapy. There is no need to be frightened as T3-Only therapy (if it is required) does replace the function of T4 without any adverse consequences. There is plenty of other anedotal evidence of other women who have had successful pregnancies using T3-Only throughout the entire time from conception to birth. 

Over the past ten years there have been doctors and patients who have argued that only T4 can cross certain systems. The blood-brain barrier and central nervous system was being mentioned for a long time as areas that only T4 could access. This has been shown to be totally false due to the discovery of active transporters:

I believe any other claims that T3 cannot replace the 'necessary function of T4' will also be proven in time to be false. There is already enough anedotal evidence from people who live healthy lives over many years on T3-Only that I am certain of this.

As I mention on page 147 of 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual', anyone who is still concerned about needing some T4 could take some during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, after which the foetus is self-sustaining with its own thyroid hormones.

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