T3 Medication and The Heart

This is an interesting research article that suggests that low FT3 levels are associated with illness and death after heart attacks.

The authors propose a study to investigate the use of T3 to aid the regeneration of heart tissue after heart attacks. T

his flies completely counter to the flawed arguments by some doctors that T3 use is dangerous for the heart.

Here is the link: http://www.hindawi.com/journals/jtr/2011/958626/abs/

Perhaps those patients who are having a hard time from some of their doctors regarding the precription of T3 medication may find this article helpful in defeating the unsubstantiated argument that the correct and safe use of T3 medication causes heart problems. When T3 is used safely and systematically for those who require it, this article (along with many others like it)  suggests that T3 may act as protection against heart disease.

Those patients who have experienced high heart rates when using thyroid medication that contains T3 find that this is most often caused by other issues such as low iron levels, low cortisol levels, low vitamin B1 or untreated blood sugar issues. If T3 is given at the right dosage for a given person, it should not cause any heart problems at all, in fact more research evidence is surfacing as time goes on that T3 is beneficial to the heart.

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(Updated in February 2019)