T3-Only: The Cortisol Connection: New Appendix in Recovering with T3 book

New Appendix in the Recovering with T3 Book

I have just completed adding Appendix E into the Recovering with T3 book. Any future books that are ordered will be delivered with this Appendix.

It is my best attempt to answer the question of why I and many other thyroid patients actually need T3-only and why when used properly T3-only can correct low cortisol issues in some people.

In the process of writing this I received a lot of feedback from Dr Henry Lindner (who spent time going through one of my early drafts in detail) and I thank him for this. I also had some helpful input from Dr Sarah Myhill  and I thank her for this too.

I hope that those that take the time to read this find some useful insights in it.

Best wishes,