Talking to Thyroid Patients who Cannot Get the Needed T3

This is a bit of a different blog post for me.

I normally do technical ones, but this is different. 

We have an insidious, creeping, badly-managed and abusive situation going on within the UK right now.

It is not dissimilar to what is happening in some other countries. 

Thyroid patients who have been well using T3, either in combination with T4 (Synthroid) are having their T3 medication withdrawn.

Their family doctor, or endocrinologist is often saying that, "We don't authorise that drug anymore because it isn't needed"

The bottom line is that many patients who are well, after being given T3, are now being told that they cannot have it any longer and that it isn't needed.

These doctors are saying that T4/Synthroid is the only needed solution.

This is pretty strange. The only reason these patients ended up with some T3 to start with was that they could NOT get well with T4 alone.

I don't want to get all technical in this Blog Post but there are so many reasons that some patients need some extra T3 OR even in some extreme cases T3-Only with no T4. 

Loss of thyroid tissue (Hashimoto's or thyroidectomy) loses a huge amount of the ability to convert from T4 to T3. Gene defects also impair the ability to convert.

Many other patients have done their research and realise that they need some T3 (or all T3) in order to get well. These patients are being refused.

This is not a UK specific issue but it is very topical here as the situation is getting worse.

I am sure that it is equally difficult in some areas of the USA and Europe, and elsewhere.

I wish I could get all thyroid patients who are being refused T3, or having it taken away, together in a large room - it would need to be large!

We could have a group hug! It is sad and wrong and abusive. We already know that people who need extra T3 do get totally well on it.

I wish I had a magic wand and could fix the desperately poor thyroid treatment approach that is currently being used in most areas.

This blog post was about reaching out to those who cannot get the T3 they need or are having it removed (with the prospect of being sick again).

It is also to leave a thought with you.

The lucky ones are like me, or possibly you, who realise that they need some or a lot of T3. At least we know we need it.

Countless more people just don't know that they need some T3. They are on T4/Synthroid and are just not feeling great. They often live out their lives like this.

Many are really quite sick indeed and they could get well with T4/T3 or NDT therapy. In some cases, it might need T3-Only.

Some of these people have been given Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or ME labels. Some have been told that they have some other condition.

Some have been told that they are just depressed ("so take these antidepressants"). 

The people like me, or other patients who are fighting to get the T3 medication that they need (be it NDT or T3 combined with T4 or T3-Only) are a small proportion of those that could actually have their lives transformed by the correct treatment for them.

Research is clear enough now. There are so many good arguments for the need for T3 in cases that require it.

My latest book, 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual', makes the case for this pretty clearly.

Ssee, and for more details on the book.

I still wish I had a huge room and could do a group hug with all of those struggling to get the treatment that they need. 

A magic wand would be good too!

In the meantime we struggle on and try to bring this issue to the attention of politicians and media, and we try to fight against it.

Best wishes,