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My name is Paul Robinson. I am the author of three books on the treatment of hypothyroidism: 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual', 'Recovering with T3' and 'The CT3M Handbook'. Together, the books now form the Recovering from Hypothyroidism series.  All the books are available through Amazon or other Internet booksellers.

This is a new YouTube video I recorded about the thyroid hormones and the system in which they operate.

I hope that you enjoy it. As ever this is a home recording in one take - so a bit rough around the edges but hopefully informative. I found it very awkward holding the diagrams on the right angle for the camera above the laptop keypad and accidentally ended up with two clips put together. I have figured out a different way of doing that now without the laptop in the way - so it won't happen again!  Here's the YouTube link:

I did not have the time to cover my protocol for dealing with low cortisol in the video. It would have made it too long (it is already 36 minutes).

The best source of information on all the things I discuss in the video is of course my books: 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual',  'Recovering with T3' and 'The CT3M Handbook'. Together, the books now form the Recovering from Hypothyroidism series.

These blog posts  have more information on CT3M:  and  (this one contains some of the diagrams I use on the video).

This blog post has more information on DIO1 and DIO2 gene defects that I mention in the video:

I also put a collection of important research studies into one blog post:

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P.s. I refer to the term 'T3-Shunt' that some researchers are using to describe the significance of the thyroid gland in the control system in thyroid hormone homeostasis (balance). There isn't a special piece of tissue within the thyroid gland that is called the 'T3-Shunt' - it is just intended to describe the way that the thyroid works in order to make more T3 if it needs to. This is why the thyroid gland is a key part of the control system.