The Two Books - Which is Best to Read First

Just a few comments on my two books: RECOVERING WITH T3 and THE CT3M HANDBOOK:

Both books are available through all Internet booksellers including Amazon, Barnes Noble, Book Depository etc.

People often make the mistake of thinking that they can read the CT3M Handbook without having read Recovering with T3.
The CT3M Handbook was written after Recovering with T3 and some people have assumed that it had more information than Recovering with T3 and that it was the main one to read - this is incorrect.

Recovering with T3 contains the full protocol and the CT3M Handbook has a more in depth discussion of the OPTIONAL part of the protocol (the Circadian T3 Method) that might be needed if someone has low cortisol levels. It is always best to read Recovering with T3 as it contains the safe and effective protocol for using T3. Recovering with T3 also contains the protocol for using CT3M but for those that come to find CT3M is essential for them then reading The CT3M Handbook provides extra guidance.

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