The Updated Editions 2018 of 'Recovering with T3' and 'The CT3M Handbook'

I have updated both 'Recovering with T3' and 'The CT3M Handbook'.

The updates are significant, as most every chapter of both books has benefited from new research and learning.

The following video explains why I have released new 2018 Updated Editions of 'Recovering with T3' and 'The CT3M Handbook':

The three books now form a completely up to date set that cover a very wide range of treatment options for hypothyroidism. 

The new versions of 'Recovering with T3' and 'The CT3M Handbook' have 'Updated Edition 2018' written on the bottom right of the front covers.

If ordering on an Internet bookseller site, please make sure you are ordering the latest version.

I hope that these books help many thyroid patients for years to come.

Best wishes,