What to Do in UK if your Doctor will No Longer Prescribe T3

This is for UK patients only. It is aimed at those on T3 whose doctors stop prescribing it.

The suggestions from Thyroid UK are:

1. Make a note of all symptoms prior to taking T3 and those that have resolved since being on T3.

2. If you were prescribed T3 by an endo, please get a letter from the endo explaining why you were put on T3 and showing that you feel better on it.

3. Send the NHS England decision (attached as a .pdf with the sections relevant to Liiothyronine/T3 highlighted) to your own doctor and your local Health Board (CCG) to show that NHS England are saying some patients can have it. Also send the British Thyroid Association latest guidance for doctors and endos - see this link: www.british-thyroid-association.org/current-bta-guidelines-   

For those trying  to get T3 to be prescribed some of the same information could be used. Also there are many arguments within my new book 'The Thyroid Patient's Manual' which might also be relevant.

If you wish to keep up to date with the campaign on this issue please see the campaign page - http://www.thyroiduk.org/tuk/campaigns/T3-Campaign/T3-Campaign-Updates.html 

Best wishes,