Why Paul needed T3-Only Medication - An Update

Just a brief update on the possible reasons why I could only get well with T3-Only medication.

Firstly, I have a defective DIO2 gene. I recently did the DIO2 gene test with Regenerus labs. It turns out that I do have the homozygous variant of the gene defect. I also inherited it from both of my parents. The fact that I inherited it from both of my parents makes the effect likely to be stronger, i.e. that I was always likely to convert T4 to T3 very poorly. See the Watts Study for more information on the DIO2 deiodinase gene defect: http://www.metabolism.com/2009/11/07/breakthrough-discovery-thyroid-hormone-therapy-part-2/

Secondly, I was also driven to T3 because I had extremely low cortisol levels when on T4 based medication. T3-Only is known to stimulate the hypothalamic-pituitary system and the mitochondria far more than T4 or T4/T3. My cortisol levels were terribly poor, so much so that my blood pressure was horribly low and I used to pass out quite often due to it. Only when I managed to rectify my hypocortisolism through the use of T3 and the Circadian T3 Method did I begin to recover. It is possible that I also had less than optimal aldosterone, but this was never tested.

Thirdly, Hashimoto's destroyed by thyroid gland. his is another reason that so many with Hashimoto's or thyroidectomy need additional T3. The thyroid is the biggest converter of T4 to T3 in the body (relatively new research) - more than the liver and kidneys and peripheral tissues. The net of this is that the blood flowing through the thyroid gland carries T4 and the thyroid converts some of this flowing T4 to T3. This is more significant than any T3 produced by the thyroid tissue itself. So, when you lose thyroid tissue, you also lose this huge amount of T4 to T3 conversion.I am not sure if I will ever get closer to understanding more about what made it essential for me to use T3 only. I do know that nothing has changed and that I still cannot tolerate any T4 medication.

This last point is relevant to all Hashimoto's thyroiditis patients and to people who have had total thyroidectomies.

Best wishes,