Hypothyroidism Type 2: The Epidemic


Mark Starr, M.D.
New Voice Publications
Publish Date: 

Mark Starr's book is nothing less than SUPERB. Dr. Starr begins by assuming that his readers know very little about thyroid disease and slowly and systematically builds their knowledge as they read.
By the time you have completed the book you realise that the medical and pharmaceutical world have made some big mistakes from the days when desiccated natural thyroid was the only available treatment. Dr. Starr thoroughly explains hypothyroidism and how it can affect the body.

His focus on thyroid blood test results and on how desperately misleading they can be is simply brilliant and as clear as any writing on the subject that I have ever seen. Mark Starr provides comprehensive and informative information on what to look for in order to assess if someone is continuing to have symptoms of hypothyroidism. Dr. Starr shows us how to use indicators other than thyroid blood test results to assess whether we still have hypothyroidism - this is tremendously useful for thyroid patients who suspect that their thyroid hormone treatment is not really working.
In addition to the sheer breadth and depth of the above information Dr. Starr's information on environmental toxins and how they can disrupt our thyroid system is of the very highest quality and this alone makes the book worth buying.

I would not be without this book - Hypothyroidism Type 2 is absolutely excellent.