The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia


Dr. John C. Lowe
Mcdowell Pub Co
Publish Date: 

Dr. Lowe's book is the first book that I ever read that made me realise that:
I was not alone.
Other people also had problems like mine.
Other people also need T3 before they can become well again.
There were scientific and comprehensible reasons why I might need T3.

Dr. Lowe's book also covers a great many aspects of endocrinology that are not covered in other books that I personally found incredibly informative and helpful to me on my journey.

It is an immense book. It is especially useful to those people who wish to understand a great deal more about thyroid issues and related problems. Even though this book goes into more detail and covers many more subjects than most books on thyroid disease, it is incredibly patient-oriented.

It is a terrific reference book on virtually all aspects of endocrinology that is relevant to thyroid patients who cannot seem to get well on T4 alone. If someone wanted to put one endocrinology book on their bookshelf to complement the many available books on thyroid disease by patients and doctors then THIS BOOK WOULD BE MY RECOMMENDATION. It is simply excellent.
I have read it cover to cover and I still use it as a reference from time to time. I will always keep this book on my own bookshelf. If someone has fibromyalgia then this book is a MUST READ.