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Vitamin C: The Real Story

I was so fascinated by vitamin C having read Ascorbate The Science of Vitamin C that I bought this book, which was co-written by Dr. Steve Hickey.
This is also a terrific book and sheds even more light on the politics that have led to vitamin C being misunderstood by so many people. For those people who are considering supplementation with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in order to improve their health, then this book is a great addition and is very easy to read.

Ascorbate The Science of Vitamin C

Wow! What a book! This was truly eye opening for me. Arguably, vitamin C when used correctly is capable of eradicating many diseases and in moderate doses can enable our bodies to remain far healthier and recover faster from minor illnesses.
Hickey and Roberts explain the science behind vitamin C and more importantly they communicate as clearly as possible how best to use vitamin C to enable it to have the maximum positive effect on our health.
This book changed my understanding of vitamin C completely and changed the way that I take it. A fantastic book.

The Magnesium Factor

Magnesium is probably one of the most underrated minerals. The evidence of its positive effect in minimising the risk of cardiovascular disease, irregular heartbeats, strokes, heart attacks and diabetes is very clear.
Seelig and Rosanoff brilliantly explain how magnesium deficiencies can occur, how they can damage the body and how they ultimately can reduce lifespan.
This book caused me to increase my magnesium supplementation and I could immediately detect the positive effects of doing this. I'm a convert.
This is a great book.

The Magnesium Miracle

This is another well-researched and well-written book on one of the supplements that would most benefit people. This is a very comprehensive book with numerous references to back up the information that clearly illustrates the many benefits of magnesium.

The Vitamin D Revolution

More and more people are realising that they have a vitamin D deficiency. It has also become apparent from medical research over recent years that vitamin D has an impact on the immune system and the immune response in diseases like Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

Medical research has also linked vitamin D deficiency with the development of cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and heart disease.

It is time for all of us to find out more about vitamin D as medical research continues to unearth more information on the importance of it to our health and well being.

The Optimum Nutrition Bible

This is one of the most used books on my bookshelf. I have no doubt that Patrick Holford has written the best book on vitamin, minerals and other essential nutrients in our diets and supplements that is likely to exist for many years.
A key theme in the book is that optimum nutrition needs to be a key part of medicine in the future. Patrick Holford is absolutely right and his message in the book will increasingly become important as our soils are further depleted and our foods are more highly processed.

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