The Optimum Nutrition Bible


Patrick Holford
Piatkus Books
Publish Date: 

This is one of the most used books on my bookshelf. I have no doubt that Patrick Holford has written the best book on vitamin, minerals and other essential nutrients in our diets and supplements that is likely to exist for many years.
A key theme in the book is that optimum nutrition needs to be a key part of medicine in the future. Patrick Holford is absolutely right and his message in the book will increasingly become important as our soils are further depleted and our foods are more highly processed.
The Optimum Nutrition Bible can be read from beginning to end and also used as a reference book on various aspects of diet and supplementation. Individual vitamins and minerals can be referenced for safe supplementation ranges, effects on the body and symptoms and diseases that may result if there is a deficiency.
It is a superb book and essential for the thyroid patient who realises that wholesome diet and targeted supplementation is going to provide them with enormous benefits