Stop The Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution Against Decades of Inferior Thyroid Treatment


Janie A. Bowthorpe, M.Ed.
Laughing Grape Publishing
Publish Date: 

Janie Bowthorpe's book is informative, funny and easy to read. It clearly explains the numerous reasons why natural desiccated thyroid hormone replacement is likely to be superior over the standard synthetic T4 that most thyroid patients are given.

A wide variety of technical information is communicated in a clear and amusing manner that makes the reading of the book a pleasure. Janie clearly explains why thyroid blood tests are misleading, why TSH is often of very little use and many practical tips on how to deal with your doctor. This latter point is important, as getting the most appropriate treatment can often necessitate finding and working with the right doctor.

In addition, the book provides a very useful description of how some patients with low cortisol due to poor adrenal function have been treated. The book also touches on the management of low iron and other nutrients and how a variety of laboratory tests including the twenty-four hour adrenal saliva test should be interpreted. This book provides a great many guidelines based on the pragmatic experience of Janie and many other thyroid patients. I really recommend this book.