Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy


Dr. Barry Durrant-Peatfield
Hammersmith Press Limited; 2nd Revised edition edition
Publish Date: 

Dr. Peatfield's book is probably one of the most popular and widely read thyroid books for patients on the market and has been since it was first released.
This is no accident. The book is an ideal starting point for any patient trying to understand why they feel how they do and what thyroid disease is and what the approaches to treat it are. It is brilliantly written from a point of view of explaining to patients, friends and family what can go wrong with the thyroid and adrenal system and how this can affect different people in different ways.
The above information is available in other books but not presented as well as Dr. Peatfield manages to do. In addition to the above the book provides thyroid patients with numerous methods that can be used to assess whether they are continuing to have thyroid or adrenal problems. This makes it not only helpful in understanding thyroid disease but it allows the patient to take the next step towards good health if they are finding that their current treatment is not going to plan.
It's a great book and one that all thyroid patients should have and could even give to a friend or family member in order to help them understand thyroid disease.