A Special Thank You to Dr. John C. Lowe (22 January 1946 - 9 January 2012)

I wrote this thank you note to Dr. John C. Lowe as this website was being developed in October 2011 and before John's accident that caused the head injury that was responsible for his death in January 2012. Since that time in November, when I first was made aware of the seriousness of John's condition, I have been hoping that this special thank you note would remain as it was first written. However, this is not the case as Dr. John C. Lowe sadly died on 9 January 2012.

As will be obvious to anyone that reads my book, Dr. John C. Lowe was an inspiration to me personally. What you may not know is that he had become my friend as over the summer of 2011 we had engaged in many discussions regarding the contents of my book. I had hoped to meet him at some point in person and fully expected us to become really good friends, as we appeared to look at the world of thyroid disease and many other topics in a very similar way. This will now never happen and that is a great sadness to me personally. However, John's loss to all the thyroid patients around the world who have been helped by him and his writings in the past and would have been helped by him in the future is far more significant than my own. Thyroid patients have lost an enormous asset and a man of such integrity and dedication that it is impossible for me to imagine how we will make the kind of progress that is required without him.

I refer you to the following link regarding Dr. John C. Lowe's tragic death: http://recoveringwitht3.com/blog/dr-john-c-lowe-has-died

Here is my original text thanking Dr. John C. Lowe for his work, inspiration and support:

I could not make this website live without saying a few words of thanks to Dr. John C. Lowe.

Dr. Lowe took the time to read my book 'Recovering With T3 My Journey From Hypothyroidism to Good Health Using The T3 Thyroid Hormone' in the summer of 2011. He was so enthusiastic about the book that not only did he agree to write the foreword but he also made a suggestion or two for improvements and clarifications that he and I believe are very useful for thyroid patients. I found that his encouragement at this point in time was extremely helpful and it really did provide the much-needed boost that I needed to put the finishing touches to the book. I owe John Lowe a large debt of gratitude for his kindness and his insights.

As most readers will be aware Dr. John C. Lowe is a fibromyalgia, thyroid and metabolism researcher. He has led the scientific study of the metabolic causes of fibromyalgia and the treatment approach to this condition. Dr. Lowe and his research team determined several years ago that the two main underlying causes of fibromyalgia symptoms and features are hypothyroidism and/or peripheral resistance to thyroid hormone. Dr. John C. Lowe is the author of the internationally acclaimed and award-winning book 'The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia'.  This amazing book by John Lowe changed my life and I will always be grateful to him for this.

After many years of illness I eventually managed to recover my health using the T3 thyroid hormone. However, I was still looking for many answers and explanations. I found some critical answers within Dr. Lowe's book. The information I found within the pages of this masterwork provided a sufficiently sound platform that I could continue to do my own research. I went on to eventually discover enough pieces of my own personal health jigsaw puzzle that I was able to write my own book 'Recovering with T3'.

So, "Thank You John". Your commitment, intensity and ability to understand some of the fundamental issues underlying thyroid problems have had a profound influence on my life over the past 10-15 years. 'Recovering with T3 My Journey from Hypothyroidism to Good Health Using the T3 Thyroid Hormone' would never have been written without you.

Paul Robinson