Anita's Story

I endured a humiliating appt with my GP of 30yrs a year ago. I had been on T4 for 14yrs (since I was 40) & getting more hypo by the year till I had to leave full time work last Jan cause I was so tired with no energy, dosing off while driving & debilitating aches & pain in my legs. I asked him about 'other' thyroid treatments & compounding chemists. He said he'd never heard of them......I had the time to be able to research for hours on the net & found great info including a useful thyroid patient forum. A DVD of an interview with the wonderful Dr John C Lowe opened my eyes wide to 'other' treatments.

I now have a brilliant integrative thyroid/hormone specialist Dr (a colleague of Dr Lowe in Brisbane Australia -LUCKY ME !) who has turned my life around. I'm a month into my 4th increase of a compounded 'modified release' T4/T3 medication (40mgT3/75mg T4 +14000 iu Vit D). No fuzz, not tired & good energy & 95% of pain gone - YAY! And he say's there's still more improvement to come.

I had a problem converting the T4 to T3 so from the first dose of T3 I have noticed major improvements. Having just gone thru menopause my Dr is watching my hormones as well. Now I only have Nanny naps for pure pleasure....

My 27 yr old Daughter is now having various issues & will be making appt with my specialist Dr. So we went to my/her GP to ask for all the blood test to see if there's any obvious area to work on & he CARRIED ON LIKE A PORK CHOP again.....I just watched his performance with a dead pan look & my Daughter walked out with ALL the blood tests requested - full bloods, liver, iron, fT3 & fT4 (he asked why the free- Duh *smacking forehead), Thyroid AB, vit D & B12, folate, DHEA, fasting cortisol.... WINNING helps to make you stronger though - and I did secretly enjoy getting under his closed minded skin..... hehe One thing he can't deny is the difference in me - if he bother's to look at me rather than looking at the computer & mechanically repeating my blood results are in range....'WHERE in range is what's important'

I felt very frustrated again, but in a couple of days that passes & when you have got to a stage with major improvements as I have, I look back & realise they were turning points in my life & health that just had to happen....& now I will make sure my Daughter doesn't repeat my last 20+ yrs of not being hormonally balanced.

DON'T GIVE UP - RESEARCH - CHANGE DOCTORS - INVOLVE YOURSELF ON PATIENTS THYROID SITES - there's soooo much good info out there. It's your life & you deserve to feel 'normal' The addition of T3 has made me feel 15yrs younger. Woo hoo!

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