Anita's Story

After 14 years of Levothyroxin treatment for my hypothyroidism by 2011 I was really unwell.

Sometimes I was bedridden with muscle- and bone aches and pains, and I was only 34 years old! I had a long list of symptoms including a foggy, muzzy head, bad memory, anxiety, low grade depression, water retention, puffy eyes, thinning eyebrows, hair loss, dry skin, dry hair, sleeping problems, just to name a few.

My GP was a nice man but he didn't think these were because of my hypothyroidism, and kept offering me antidepressants - which I have tried but they made me feel worse. As an acupuncturist and a member of TPA UK, I was searching for answers and found that my adrenals were really depleted as well because it had to support my thyroid extra hard.

Around Dec 2011 - Jan 2012 I came across Paul's book: Recovering with T3.  I think it just came out at the time and I was very keen to get my hands on it. At the same time I started taking ferrous fumerate and Vitamin C to raise my iron levels.  I have also started to take other supplements I was deficient in to aid my thyroid, like Vit D3, B12, and minerals like Selenium, Mg, Zn, plus 5HTP, Omega 3,6,9, probiotics and CoQ10.

Recovering with T3 explains very well how taking T3 with Paul's circadian method (CT3M) will support the adrenals and - as my GP was not willing to prescribe my T3 (his excuse was that he didn't know how to dose it…) I decided to self-treat and buy some T3.  I followed the guidelines in Paul's book on how to change from Levothyroxin to T3 and by February 2012 I was on my journey. Within about a week I notice improvements in all my symptoms, and after 2-3 months on T3 only I found how much T3 I needed and I was feeling AMAZING!  I felt like a new person, or even better!  Finally I felt like me!  All my symptoms improved by at least 85-90%, I'm became mentally sharp, switched on, my hair stopped falling out, my sleep improved, my muscle and bone aches got so much less frequent, and I became more confident and so happy.

My body was well enough for me to fall pregnant and we are expecting our first baby, a little girl in March 2014 :-)

We are over the moon and I will keep Paul updated about our progress.I'm so grateful to Paul for all his help and for writing this wonderful book and giving thousands of people their lives back - not just the patients but also their families!

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