Caren's Story

I was mid-diagnosed for 20 plus years.  Always told I was borderline hypothyroid.    Borderline always meant they wouldn't treat me.

Jump ahead 20 years and I finally got a diagnosis when my TSH was 7.23 and my free t3 and free t4 were bottomed out.    I asked for a NDT but my Dr refused saying he wants to see how I do on T4 first.   6 months later I still felt awful, my free t4 was up and my free t3  never budged from when I was first diagnosed.   Obviously I wasn't converting t4 to t3.   At that point he put me on a combo of synthroid/ cytomel .   Things got a little better but I was still feeling VERY hypo.

I asked to go on t3 only for a trial and he denied me so he got fired.  I found out how to order t3 myself and have been self-treating ever since.     My hypo symptoms are gone.     My life , that I lost 20 plus years of, is back.

T3 is the only thing I will take for my thyroid.    It works.   Why wouldn't it?  It is the active thyroid hormone our bodies need.

Thyroid Treatment: