Dave's Story - Part 1

This is a great success story from a thyroid patient who was on high doses of hydrocortisone and florinef and is now off ALL of these and healthier through using the circadian T3 method.

Dave's Story

April 15th, 2011: I received my results from the doctor who had, for the 3rd time in four years run a full thyroid panel trying to uncover why I had never recovered from pneumonia that almost killed me in college and had severe exercise intolerance, anxiety, depression etc. TSH was high indicating hypothyroid. Refusing to take medication as I was always about the natural route I came to find Janie’s STTM book where she discussed Armour thyroid,among many other valuable things. Put myself on Armour immediately and found instant success in the first few days and was so happy to have “found the answer”. However, when I tried increasing the dose a week or so later I became dizzy, had high resting heart rate for the first time in my young adult life, and felt nauseous. Clearly something was wrong and after further research and gaining membership to the Yahoo Adrenals group I was instructed to run a saliva cortisol test.

June 1st 2011: Saliva cortisol test was run and ten days later the results showed significantly impaired adrenal function in the morning and afternoon and yet high nighttime cortisol. The drug Hydrocortisone was strongly recommended to me. Still being thick-headed and adamant about not taking any drugs I began on Isocort, which caused severe involuntary tremors, panic attacks, anxiety, and overall made me feel worse. HC seemed to be the obvious route, and not wanting to stall my recovery I happily accepted this method in hopes of seeing recovery in the long term.

July 9th, 2011: I began Hydrocortisone, or HC, and the symptoms I experienced on Isocort vanished, it was a miracle! Also, my anxiety and panic attacks which were present before I was diagnosed were largely gone, however I became tired much easier and found even going to the mailbox or climbing stairs to be quite troublesome….I was only 25 at the time! For the next several months I went through the dance of getting on the correct dose of HC before starting T3 only treatment, which I had to do so I was told, because my RT3 was through the roof. After not being able to tolerate T3 due to high heart rate I was told Florinef would help, especially since my aldosterone was now getting low due to the time on HC already and I was getting very dizzy. After getting to a full tab of Florinef, four months and several blood work panels later, I could finally start ramping up my T3 dosage, which is what my body  needed anyways.

January 3rd, 2012: I began increasing T3 every 5-7 days based on the RT3 and Adrenal protocols for stable temperatures, my body accepted the increases well enough and in about 3 months I had made it to the top of the dosing threshold, however, I still did not feel well. This was getting to feel like trying to push over the Eiffel Tower by hand! What was worse is that in all my time on HC, my sex hormones became far out of whack and Estrogen was high, Testosterone was low, and nothing seemed to be working…I was caught in the trap of supplementing drugs for symptoms that other drugs were causing, the catch 22 I swore I would never let happen.

April 14th, 2012: I read Paul’s book, found it to be stunningly simple as far as how to treat the dreaded disease of hypothyroid and adrenal insufficiency.  It seemed too simple, but at this point, I had nothing to lose, I figure I was worse off at this point than when I had begun almost a year ago.

April 28th, 2012 (5:45 am): I took my first dose of T3 only medication and things began to change radically from here! Hear rate, blood pressure, temperature, all went sky high on my very first day! It felt terrible, however I was guided by the experienced moderators of the T3CM Yahoo group that this was a positive thing and I needed to dump as much of the Florinef and HC as I cold comfortably. It was almost every day for the first week I was dropping a tab of Florinef, and in a little over 1 week I had dumped all of those medications, which took six months of sensitive blood testing and painstaking data analysis to increase to. My body was now making aldosterone on its own, I no longer needed these drugs! HC was next in line, first it was every 4 days, then 3, 2, and then every day I was dropping HC until finally, exactly one month to the day from starting the CT3M, I was steroid free and feeling better than I have in years!

May 27, 2012 (present day): This is now my second full day with no HC, it feels wonderful. I am not tied to this drug to live and my body is happily producing the hormones I need all thanks to the CT3M. By taking the needed T3 during my own body’s natural circadian rhythm I have provided my God given adrenal glands with the necessary resources to produce all the cortisol, aldosterone, DHEA and myriad of other hormones they were made to produce ON THEIR OWN! I have a way to go yet before I fully regain my health, and I am confident I will, but the difference with this method is that there clearly is an end to the madness. Some people do desperately need HC and other drugs to survive and I wont dispute that , but perhaps not as many as we think do if we can learn to give the body what it needs when it needs it. Anyone who struggles with these disorders needs to read Paul’s book and give the CT3M an honest effort before slugging along with HC or worse, just suffering. This method does work and I'm living proof, and I do finally feel  ALIVE!

Post Script

For those who have read my initial success story I will try not to repeat anything here which has already been mentioned. Almost five years ago I was in my second year of college and starting as a resident assistant, which took me over a year to train and apply for to become qualified. This job required me to be very involved with the residence halls as well as my studies and of course my running and martial arts. All of this stress proved to be too much on my body as I was already hypothyroid and didn’t know it. I know this now because the signs were there, thinning hair, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, dry skin, frequent urination and probably a host of others I cant think of at the moment. They wanted to put me on meds, which I abhor and after trying a few and having horrid results I swore off all meds forever. Back to college though; with all this stress I contracted pneumonia, and it wasn’t walking pneumonia either. Having never been sick with even a couch since middle school I tried to tough it out and walked anyway, every hour, through the residence halls as was required of us. Long story short I pushed things waay too hard and wound up in the ER, had to resign from my position as RA, and nearly failed out of college that semester (though I did pull through with a GPA of 3.2 for that semester thank God). After this things were NEVER the same.

I moved back in with my parents and finished school commuting. I could no longer run without being fatigued quite easily and couldn’t stick to anything physical consistently for more than a month. Years came and went going to every –ologist in existence, specialists of the supposed “highest quality” in blood, neurology, pulmonology, cardiology and yes, everyone’s fav, endocrinology. The same thing was parroted back time and again, “tests are all normal, nothing is wrong with you. This is just part of getting older, the body naturally begins to degrade and downregulate”….are you freaking kidding me? I was in my early 20s (still am) and you are having a one sided conversation with me about how feeling like crap everyday is normal because of ageing?! So it was clear to me after several years of bashing my head against their doctoral placard adorned doors that I would get nowhere with the lot of them. I took my calloused head to the internet, a place the docs had all warned against as containing unsupported information and dangerous home remedies for serious circumstances. While this may be true, I was at the point that I felt like an 80 year old man every day, with new random problems surfacing all the time, seemingly having no correlation with one another. I found Jani’s book first, then the Adrenals group and finally the CT3M book and groups.

I would be remiss not to include Val in my personal success story. This woman has helped countless patients struggling with adrenal issues for several years in the best way she knows how and for that I continue to be greatly thankful for. There were some dark times where I didn’t know if I could hold out, thought a lot about how death would be preferable to living this way. No one can appreciate that statement without having gone through this hell themselves. It also never ceases to amuse me how hypothyroidism is considered one of the “easiest treated disorders of the modern day world” and yet so many people continue to have horrid symptoms while on Synthroid and even Armour and believing the lie the docs told them, just like they told me, this is your new life now, accept it and move on bullcrap.

While all of what was going on in my original success story happened my job was completely redefined and I was doing very poorly at it and was nearly fired several times. Though in my defense several other employees were too as these demands truly were/are unreasonable (but that’s another story). We also decided to buy a house and move during this time, sell my existing car to buy a 4WD truck since the driveway is atrocious in the winter, my wife was becoming a certifies yoga instructor, and I had a client lock me in his home and threaten to take my life (I work in the mental health field). So needless to say I was stressed to the max and never really did get a break. I was so incapacitated by the disease itself as well as the treatment I was using (HC and Florinef) that I literally cried when I had to sit and watch my wife struggle to bring in the groceries and put them away herself after buying them as well and I could do nothing to help. She was becoming more and more stressed by the burden of caring for me and our new big house and the lingering fear of unemployment looming overhead…that would mean no insurance and no income for the meds and supplements, not to mention the doctor’s visits I desperately needed ( I did finally find one fairly decent holistic doc). It finally hit me, the straw that broke it all was when a female co-worker called me and said she had a flat tire and asked if I could come help her change it. I sheepishly declined as I had to tell her that with my health issues there would be no way I could lift the tire out of the car, let alone get those lug nuts off and jack the car up! I was becoming quite discouraged about life in general and any hope of ever recovering. I mean even as a moderator and a pretty sharp researcher I had never really seen anyone who had been taking HC and or Florinef recover to the point that they said, “yep, putting away groceries and changing a tire wouldn’t wipe me out”…so if that was the case what hope did I have?

It was then I found Paul’s book, got off all those crappy meds in just one short month’s time, and began feeling human again. I think now I could easily put the groceries away, wash dishes, make dinner and a lot of other “round the house” stuff. As its currently only been a few days I try to limit this but I CAN do it, and I only see better things to come. ß-see that? That’s optimism I didn’t have a few months ago. There are so many countless people along the way who have helped me arrive where I am now, as I mentioned before Val of the adrenals group and the other moderators were a huge help for the time I was where I was. Now that I have transitioned to the CT3M protocols and Paul’s group I feel so much better and know more healing is yet to come.

So all this to say, I can never thank God and the people He put in my path enough that would ever amount to a worthy repayment. Im not rich and don’t make much money at all actually, so I cant send you all a million dollars (don’t you wish! : ) Many of you I will probably never see face to face in this life that I could somehow give you the biggest hug and thank you for the life I got back thanks to your support, encouragement, and experience with this cruel disease. And so, the best way I can thank you is to just pay it forward. I will live the life I have to the fullest and best of my ability as I never could have had I remained sick. I’m currently studying to be a counselor and will graduate in two years (I would have graduated two weeks ago with my original cohort but my illness prevented me from participating at that level of academic output). When I do I will come in contact with tens of thousands of human lives who are suffering, struggling, and in many cases barely hanging on to what they have and are in need of a change, and I’ll never forget what I got from you guys each time I sit down with them. I will also have the wherewithal to suggest checking hormone levels and nutritional supplements for supposed mental health disorders such as generalized anxiety, depression, bi-polar, autism, aspbergers, and the list goes on of MH issues we have seen in our circles resolve once correcting hormonal imbalances. So thanks to every last one of you for being a support for me as each one of you contributed to my getting well and in turn helping me change lives as well.

P.S. If I do decide to continue on to get my doctoral degree I have already decided that my dissertation will be on drastically reducing the number of mental health diagnoses by balancing the thyroid and adrenal hormones within the body :)

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."
-Marcus Aurelius 

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