Jenny's Story

After many months taking T4 thyroid meds without feeling much better, I read about T3 and its amazing results in the TPA-UK forum.  I pleaded with a Doctor to please prescribe T3 but as he knew nothing about this treatment, he asked for a month to research.

Thankfully he did prescribe me Tertroxin (T3) and overnight I got my brain back! I had been experiencing depression until 10am in the morning, and became used to thinking "you'll be OK after 10am" I wrote to that  G.P  Dr thanking him for prescribing T3.

When I was in hospital many months later an Endocrinologist asked me why I was taking T3 and told me it had 'placebo effect'  only............. such an Endo idiot.

Thank goodness for the internet, TPA-UK forum and becoming self informed and self empowered.

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