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Matt's Story

I suffered from low cortisol for 7 years.

I did all the recommended things with regard to low stress life style, clean diet, quality sleep, supplements etc but it only got me so far.

I then discovered that having a thyroid issue was the thing preventing me from normalising cortisol and that was when I was fortunate enough to discover Paul and his CT3M method.

Since following this very simple protocol, it has been the one thing that has had the biggest impact of all and it has given me my life back.

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Lynn's Story

T3 and CT3M Treatment:

Today I stand here a different woman. One who is now able to look forward to planning and enjoying her life. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Anna's Story


After 9 years of antidepressant treatment for a depression and anxiety that would not go away, I was finally diagnosed by a thyroid specialist with hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue.

My four sample adrenal saliva test results came back with first sample 19 nmol/L (range was 5.3 - 61.8) so this was LOW. The other three results were 38, 28 and 37 and ALL were high. 

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Zarla's Story

13 years ago I was put onto thyroxine, T4 medication & told in a few days you will be ok again. Well around 11 years later I was still waiting for that to happen.

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Helen's Story

Paul's comment: Helen's story is one of - this is a story of T3 and the Circadian T3 Method that really helped the T3 to be effective. It also illustrates beautifully that other issues like Insulin Resistance can be necessary to resolve before T3 and CT3M works.

Helen's Story

I had increasingly high cortisol levels over a 5-year period. Then, in 2010, my cortisol levels dropped to below normal, the morning level being the lowest point of the day.

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Amy's Story

I’ve been doing the CT3M method since March of this year, and I can’t stress how much it’s changed my health and well-being.

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Sue's Story Continued

I found this fascinating - I hope you do too. It is a an example of using much lower doses of T3 and the circadian T3 method. Sue still has thyroid function and does not have Hashimoto'a thyroiditis.

Sue's Continued Progress to Excellent Health

Hi Paul, some time ago I promised I would update you formally on my ongoing journey with CT3, and eventually here it is! The reason it's taken me so long is because I'm so busy these days...

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Jean's Story

Another ciracadian T3 method (CT3M) success story:

Jean's Story

I am a 50 year old woman and I was placed on Synthroid for hypothyroidism at age 36 because I was having difficulty conceiving. I had suspected I was hypothyroid since I was about 32 years old due to fatigue, brain fog and hair loss. I begged doctors to treat me but they said my bloodwork was normal. I was a Registered  Nurse by age 22 and graduated from Chiropractic College by age 32 so I had a strong suspicion I was clinically hypothyroid but could not gain the agreement of an MD.

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Renee's Story - Part 1

Julie W's Story

Another successful recovery with the circadian T3 method.

My recovery with T3 and Paul Robinson!

Posted by Julie White
8th July 2012

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