More details on the T3 Thyroid Hormone

T3 is called triiodothyronine when it is produced naturally within the body.

In synthetic form for medication T3 may be referred to as: liothyronine sodium, liothyronine or synthetic T3.

Common brand names of T3 medication are:

  • Tertroxin
  • Cytomel
  • Cynomel

The most important things to know about T3 are:

  • The T3 thyroid hormone is the main biologically active thyroid hormone within our cells.
  • T3 can only achieve this biological action, once it is inside the cells.
  • T3 does nothing of any use when it remains in the bloodstream.
  • Laboratory tests of TSH, FT4 and FT3 only measure bloodstream levels of thyroid hormones. They do NOT tell us how much FT3 is present in our cells and how effective this T3 is being in helping our cells to work as nature intended them to.
  • There are ways of overcoming most of the problems that can occur that have left many people with symptoms of hypothyroidism, even though their blood tests are apparently normal.

Thyroid hormones are similar to fuel in a car. Without enough fuel, a car’s engine cannot generate the energy required to move the car. Cells cannot function properly if they are deprived of the right amount of T3 that acts as their fuel.

There are many things that can go wrong that prevent this T3 fuel from reaching the interior of our cells and enabling our bodies to function correctly.

Blood tests often do not have any useful insight into some of these things that can go wrong. Worse than this, blood tests may suggest that our thyroid hormones are perfectly normal when in fact at a cellular level complete mayhem may be present due to a lack of T3 within the cells.

Most of this information is slowly becoming available as a result of thorough medical research but it will take many years before a comprehensive understanding is reached. However, there is already sufficient evidence to support every single word that you have read here.

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